Past Members

Graduated Ph.D. Students

Jeremy Tolbert, 2012

Thesis Title: Energy-Efficient Digital Design of Reliable, Low-Throughput of Wireless Biomedical Systems; Current Affiliation: GlobalFoundries, Malta, NY, USA


Subho Chatterjee, 2012

Thesis Title: A Design Methodology for Robust, Energy-Efficient, Application-Aware Memory Systems; Current Affiliation: Intel Corp., Hillsboro, OR, USA


Minki Cho, 2012

Thesis Title: Design Methodology To Characterize And Compensate For Process And Temperature Variation In Digital Systems; Current Affiliation: Intel Corp., Hillsboro, OR, USA.



Kwanyeob Chae, 2013

Thesis Title: Design Methodologies for Robust Low-Power Digital Systems Under Static and Dynamic Variations; Current Affiliation: Samsung Electronics, Korea, 



Denny Lie, 2015

Thesis Title: Design Methodology For Low Power 3D-Integrated Image Sensing System For Network Based Applications; Current Affiliation: Intel Corp, OR


Wen Yueh, 2015

Thesis Title: Modeling, Characterization, and Control of the Electrical-Thermal Interactions in Advanced Packages; Current Affiliation: Nvidia Corp, Santa Clara, CA



Boris Alexandrov, 2015

Thesis Title: Design Methodology for Thermal Management Using Embedded Thermoelectric Devices. Affiliation: BCG, Atlanta, GA.


Amit R. Trivedi, 2015 

Thesis Title: Ultra Low Power Non-Boolean Computing with Tunneling Field-Effect-Transistors; Current Affiliation:  University of Illinois, Chicago, IL.


Sergio Carlo, 2015

Thesis Title: Load-aware Power Conversion and Integration for Heterogeneous Systems, Affiliation: Intel, Hillsboro, OR.



Khondker Z. Ahmed, 2016

Thesis Title: Power Management Circuits for Energy Harvesting System. Affiliation: Intel Labs, Hillsboro, OR.




  Monodeep Kar, 2017

Thesis Title: Enhancing Side Channel Security With Fully Integrated Inductive Voltage Regulators; Affiliation: Intel Labs, Hillsboro, OR. 




  Jaeha Kung, 2017

Thesis Title: Energy-efficient Digital Hardware Platform for Learning Complex Systems; Affiliation: Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology, Korea


 duckhwan_croppedDuckhwan Kim, 2017

Thesis Title: NeuroCube: Energy-efficient Programmable Digital Deep Learning Accelerator based on Processor in Memory; Affiliation: Nvidia, Santa Clara, CA.

KoJong Hwan Ko, 2018



taesikTaesik Na, 2018

Thesis Title: Energy Efficient, Secure and Noise-Robust Deep Learning for the Internet of Things; Affiliation: Microsoft, Redmond, WA


faisalMohammad Faisal Amir, 2018




Graduated M.S. Students

  1. Nikhil Sathe, Date of Graduation: Aug, 2010; Thesis Title: Thermal Modeling in Many-Core Processors; Current Affiliation: Qualcomm Inc
  2. Muneeb Zia, Date of Graduation: May, 2013; Thesis: SRAM System Design For Memory Based Computing; Current Affiliation: PhD Student, Georgia Tech
  3. Prashant Nair, Date of Graduation: May, 2013; Thesis: Designing Low Power SRAM System Using Energy Compression; Current Affiliation: PhD Student, Georgia Tech.
  4. Krishnamurthy Yeleswarapu, Date of Graduation: January, 2014; Thesis Title: TCAD Simulation Framework for the Study of TSV-device Interaction.
  5. Swarrna K. Parthasarathy, Date of Graduation: December, 2014; Thesis Title: Energy efficient active cooling of integrated circuits using embedded thermoelectric devices; Current Affiliation: Knowles, Chicago, IL.
  6. Burhand Muhammad, Date of Graduation: May, 2015; Thesis: Design and implementation of a content aware image processing module on Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA)
  7. Khondker Z. Ahmed, Date of Graduation: May, 2015; Thesis Title: Low Voltage Autonomous Buck-Boost Regulator For Wide Input Energy Harvesting; Current Affiliation: PhD Student, Georgia Institute of Technology

Undergraduate Students (Georgia Tech)

  1. Anurag Kadasne, Fall 2009, Spring 2010
  2. Andrew Burks, Spring 2010
  3. Erik Ronshagen, Fall 2010, Spring 2011
  4. Samrat Sinharoy, Fall 2012
  5. Chawit Uswachoke, Fall 2012
  6. Daniel Besse, Spring 2013
  7. Janani Ramakrishnan, Fall 2014, Spring 2015
  8. Huijie Pan, Fall 2015 (PURA)

Undergraduate Students (SURE Program)

  1. Abner Ayalaa, Summer 2010
  2. Erica Nwankwo, Summer 201
  3. Leishla Z Ramos Rivera, Summer 2012
  4. Luis D. Nieves, Summer 2014
  5. Maurisa Orona, Summer 2014
  6. Jennifer Camacho, Summer 2016

International Undergraduate Students

  1. Swarrna K. Parthasarathy, Spring 2012
  2. Karthik Swaminathan, Spring 2013
  3. Sesha Swaroop, Vempalli, Spring 2014
  4. Arambakkam Narayanan, Spring 2015